Teaching and Education Degree Guidance

Do you want to teach, or are you a teacher with a passion to grow your career? Advance your education with a degree in teaching.

Find teaching and education degree programs.

Choosing a teaching schoolChoosing a Teaching School
Aspiring teachers have many options when it comes to finding a program of study. When selecting a teaching program, students should look at a school's curriculum, faculty, and standards.

ODemand for Teachers Dramatically Outpacing Supply
America's need for teachers is driving innovation in education. Top research institutions such as the University of Southern California are committed to developing programs that will prepare America's next great generation of educators.

Teaching SpecialtiesTeaching Career Specialties
Teachers can choose where, what, and whom to teach. And career opportunities exist beyond the blackboard -- from counseling to administration.

Teacher Certification and Continuing EducationTeacher Certification & Continuing Education
Whether you are a novice educator or veteran teacher, you want to provide the best classroom experience possible for your students. If you are already teaching, you’ve met any basic requirements, but going beyond the basics and continuing your education can make a huge difference in your classroom and in your career.

School guidance counselorsBecoming a School Counselor
School counselors can play pivotal roles in shaping the lives of students. They help students choose which courses to take, plan for the future, and work through difficult times. The occupation can present great challenges, but also tremendous rewards.

School administratorsCareer Profile: School Administrator
Behind every school is a team of hardworking administrators who oversee everything from curriculum development to budgets to discipline.


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