Legal Assistant and Paralegal Degrees

Legal assistants (also known as paralegals) are trained to assist lawyers in various aspects of their work. If you are interested in working in the legal field, but not as an attorney, then becoming a paralegal may be the perfect option for you.

Find the best legal asisstant and paralegal schools.

Choosing a Paralegal SchoolChoosing a Paralegal School
Because states do not require paralegal licensure, there are no educational standards that paralegal programs are obligated to uphold.

That means it's up to you -- the paralegal student -- to ensure your school offers a thorough paralegal education.

Paralegal careers and salariesParalegal Careers & Salaries
Paralegals are the bridge between the law office and the courtroom. They perform a great deal of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into preparing and presenting cases, including research, fact-checking, preparing arguments, interviewing witnesses, and helping to manage the office.


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