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College can be expensive. Don’t face the costs alone! Financial aid, scholarships, or loans may be available for those who quality. Learn more.

No matter what kind of degree you're getting, paying for college can be a challenge. Tuition, supplies, books, and other expenses can add up quickly.

Get the information you need to make informed decisions on loans, scholarships, and financial aid.

First, discover how much the school you’re considering might cost. Then, use the tools below to learn more about your financial aid options – from federal loans to private scholarships.

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Graduate and professional students can borrow money for school through the PLUS Loan Program

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Tax DeductionsDeduce This: Tax Deductions
Technically speaking, tax deductions for educational expenses are not part of a financial aid package, but they can be used to lessen your tax burden -- especially useful for online students or career changers.

Tax CreditsGet Credit for Your Education
Tax season is approaching, and with it, new opportunities to take advantage of educational tax credits passed by Congress.

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