Criminal Justice Degrees

Hit television shows and blockbuster films that dramatize police officers, courtrooms, and prisons have helped spark growing interest in the field of criminal justice. Advance your education with a degree in criminal justice.

Areas of study include: Criminal Justice, Forensics, Security, Security Management

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Criminal justice degrees What to Expect in Criminal Justice Programs
Criminal justice students can earn a wide variety of degrees, such as diplomas and certificates, associate degrees, bachelor degrees, and master degrees.

Majors that fall under the scope of criminal justice include criminal justice, criminology, corrections, and legal studies.

Careers in criminal justiceCareer Possibilities in Criminal Justice
A degree in criminal justice can be the springboard for virtually any career related to justice and law enforcement. Many criminal justice students opt to continue their education to study law and forensics, or pursue military service, while most dive right into the many career opportunities waiting in the justice field.

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