Career and Degree Guidance

School and Degree Advice

Tips for Nontraditional College StudentCollege Tips for Nontraditional Students
You've decided to continue your formal education. But how can you make college a success while still meeting work and family obligations?

How to Choose the Right College or UniversityHow to Choose the Right College or University
With so many options available, choosing just one school may start to feel more like a burden than a blessing. How can you stay sane as you make such a weighty decision?

College...The Second Time AroundCollege...The Second Time Around
Student Debbi Stumpf shares why she left college, and why she returned as an adult.

Top Ten Rules for Applying for CollegeTen Rules for All Students Applying to College
The application and admission process can get hairy. Don't miss out on these top ten rules.

Is Online for RealIs Online for Real?
Many prospective students have concerns about getting an online degree. But fear not, online programs are real.

Seven Myths of Online EducationSeven Myths About Online Education
The popularity of online degree programs continues to grow, but some people still hesitate to enroll. Don't let one of these myths stop you from getting a degree

Business degreesRanking MBA School & Programs
MBA rankings, though often helpful, can be a counterproductive distraction to students seeking the ideal program.

Choosing a teaching schoolChoosing a Teaching School
Aspiring teachers have a plethora of options when it comes to finding a program of study.

Paralegal Careers and SalariesChoosing a Paralegal School
Because states do not require paralegal licensure, there are no educational standards that paralegal programs are obligated to uphold.

Criminal justice degrees What to Expect in Criminal Justice Programs
Criminal justice students can earn a wide variety of degrees, such as diplomas and certificates, associate degrees, bachelor degrees, and master degrees.

internshipsInternship Q&A
Think it's too late to intern? Getting a degree that doesn't offer "typical" internships? Get your burning questions about internships answered here.

International internshipsGo Global: International Internships
With an international internship, you'll show employers that you have a knowledge of international business, as well as the ability to work in another culture.

Adult internshipsExperienced Workers Find Internships to Diversify Skills During a Layoff
Laid off? Looking for a career change? Some workers are using internships to build their resumes and gain experience during a period of unemployment. Others are looking to enhance their professional knowledge or sample a new field.

Cooperative EducationOpt to Co-op: Cooperative Education
Co-ops combine studies with paid work experience in a field related to your major or career goals.



Financial Aid & Scholarship Advice

Business School ScholarshipsFinding a Business School Scholarship
Winning a scholarship to business school may not be as hard as it seems. Finding the right one, however, can be a business unto itself. Where do you start?

FAFSA Checklist
Make sure you have everything you need before sitting down to complete the "mother of all financial aid forms."

PLUS Loans for Grad Students
Graduate and professional students can borrow money for school through the PLUS Loan Program

Scholarship Apps: The Online Advantage
Simpler. Quicker. More secure. It's no wonder more scholarship sponsors are making their applications available online.

Ace Your Scholarship Interview
Interviews can be a major source of stress. Keep the anxiety level under control by thinking ahead and following these tips from a scholarship expert.

$500 Will Make a Difference
Don't ignore small scholarships. A little work now can save you a lot in the future.



Career Profiles and Guidance

School guidance counselorsBecoming a School Counselor
School counselors can play pivotal roles in shaping the lives of students.

School guidance counselorsTeaching Career Specialties
Teachers can choose where, what, and whom to teach.

School administratorsCareer Profile: School Administrator
Behind every school is a team of hardworking administrators who oversee everything from curriculum development to budgets to discipline.

Paralegal careers and salariesParalegal Careers & Salaries
Paralegals are the bridge between the law office and the courtroom. They perform a great deal of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into preparing and presenting cases.

Careers in criminal justiceCareer Possibilities in Criminal Justice
A degree in criminal justice can help you advance your education in law enforcement.

Nurse educators neededHelp Wanted: Nurse Educators
A nurse educator provides instructive and practical information to nursing students, as well as to faculty and administrators who attend nursing schools.

Computer Support TechnicianCareer Profile: Computer Support Technician
Students who major in computer repair learn various methods to troubleshoot computer software, hardware, and peripherals.

The Impact of the Information Economy
Is the introduction of open-source technologies and the networked information economy changing your business or IT career plans?

True Leadership -- Can It Be Taught?
How do you define leadership? What does it take to make the real difference in your organization, and can you learn it at business school?

Career Planning Step-by-Step
You've chosen a career, but what do you do next?

Don't Let Money Lead
There's much more to your career choice than money, and what seems like a high-paying career path now may not turn out that way.

Sales Not For You? Don't Be So Sure
Forget the widgets, and think services and experiences. Sold?